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We are humbled and grateful to be recognized by the community we love. Thank you city of Pitt Meadows for honoring Sole Experience with the Business of the Year Award for 2019

The Team


Eric’s first goal is to help people of all ages and abilities enjoy running. He is a running coach and athlete who loves to talk running almost as much as he loves to run. Eric is your go-to person for any questions, running or otherwise

Eric Muller
Founder/ Personal Run Coach

Lorie's yoga practice (Sole Breath) is her newest way of helping people enjoy running. She is also the Founder and Race Director for Athletes In Kind (AIK). Her infectious enthusiasm and trail experience is inspiring to all who meet her.

Lorie Muller
Distance Runner/ Yogi/ Paramedic

Nothing gets in Siusan's way. She sees obstacles as challenges always looking to overcome anything life may bring. Her positive attitude is contagious. One of her goals is to run a half marathon with her two children, perhaps after the Australian Open.

Siusan Kenney
Distance Runner/ Youth Coach

This WSU track athlete has been giving back to his running community since he was 14. Being wise beyond his years has allowed him to lead runners of all ages, from preschool children to adults. He’s an accomplished runner who remains humble and Sole Experience is lucky to have him lead when he is back in Pitt Meadows.

Reid Muller
Middle Distance Runner/ Student


David sets a great example of how to be consistent with your running, through each chapter in life. That’s how you become a Vancouver BMO Marathon Legacy member. He’s also become known for his long run conversations, you want to be in his group.

David Booth
Distance Runner/ Retired Intensive Care Unit Nurse

Melissa loves to help people with their fitness goals whether it’s running on the trail, on the road or in her own  b.Pilates Studio. A wealth of knowledge and experience, she will help you keep moving so you can keep enjoying what you love to do. 

Melissa Nagai
Distance Runner/ Pilates Instructor

Michelle takes care of people. She looks after her family and she looks after families in need in her career. If you think you have obstacles to your running she will show you how to get through them. She is Sole Strong.

Michelle Picard
Distance Runner/ Family Support

This young leader is tougher then she looks, rock climbing will do that for a runner. Elise has been running in groups since before she started school, that's over 400 clinics. Now she loves to help other people enjoy running from 5 years old to 70. She'll get you there!

Elise Muller
Rock Climber/ Runner

Monika Leader photo 2024.jpg

Tori understands how important it is to stay healthy, she helps people everyday from her family, three young children, to her patients. She also understands there is a lot that needs to be accomplished everyday and she will help you get the most out of your time when you run with her.

Tori Bandringa
Distance Runner/ Nurse

Tim puts the needs of other people ahead of his own, whether at work, at home or in a group run. He is a very experienced leader over many distances and pace groups. On the trails or roads he is always ready, willing and able.

Tim Ludeman
Distance Runner/ Cyclist

There is a reassured feeling that comes when running with Christian, in the forest or in the city. His skills become obvious, and you know right away that you are going to have fun.

Christian Somogyi
Ultra Marathon Runner/ Outdoor Enthusiast

You may know Monika from when she led Canada’s Water Polo Team at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Or you may know her as a Hometown Hero. She grew up in Pitt meadows but has played water polo all over the world. Monika’s athleticism also includes running. We are very fortunate to have her positive energy leading Sole Runners on the roads and trails. 

Monika Eggens

Runner / Water Polo Player



Robert (a.k.a. International Man of Mystery) has done some extreme sports in some remote areas of the world. He’s as comfortable in the back country as he is on the city streets. He’s the leader you want in any circumstance, but more than that he knows how to make sure runners of any level are having fun.

Rober Wagner
Distance Runner/ Alpine Skier/ Mountain Biker

Cheryl loves to train and she brings her enthusiasm to every sport she does, from Spartan to the soccer filed. She is going to make sure you have fun on your run.

Cheryl Ludeman 
Distance Runner/ Soccer Player

Linda is an accomplished triathlete, recently competing in the XTERRA World Championships in Hawaii. This humble athlete spends a lot of time on the trails, including Ultra Marathons but makes time to lead runners on the road with Sole +. This helps make her an excellent F2C Ambassador.

Linda Pellicano
Distance Runner/ Triathlete/ Cyclist

Sonja knows how to care for people, of all ages. She has grown from a Sole participant to a Run Leader who understands the obstacles all of us must over come to achieve our goals. She brings her care and concern for runners to every group she leads.

Sonja Fletcher
Runner/ Early Childhood Educator

Carrie Ann surprises most people, not with her caring style of coaching but because she is a Sprinter (100 m & 200 m) and an accomplished Mixed Martial Arts athlete. Her first concern is you and your workout, she's in your corner!

Carrie AnnSprinter/ MMA fighter

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