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Mindful Miles

This 10 week interactive, socially connected online SOLE program designed for the seasoned runner or those looking for a re-start.

This 10 week interactive, socially connected online SOLE program designed for the seasoned runner or those looking for a re-start. We combine the expertise of a run coach, a strength coach and a nutrition coach; three local businesses working together to help you reach your goals. 

10k-Strength-Nutrition & Mindfulness

Coach Eric Muller will take you through a variety of ​10k specific weekly run workouts ​based on running a faster 10k or Run/Walk up to 10k. You will have access to Coach E ​through the shop during regular business hours or through our ​private Facebook group named 

Mindful MILES

Nutrition Coach Sonja Cermak of​ FITLIFE Nutrition​ has designed a program for our group. Specifically athletes wanting CHANGE in anything from ​healthy natural food relationship habits​, meal prep ideas and nutritional healthy food choices that marry well with your specific sport & mindful eating. You will have access to Coach S ​through our​ private MINDful MILES Facebook page. MINDfulness is key in anything we want to accomplish in a healthy manner, with good habits. BODY composition is something we don’t always look at when making healthy CHANGES in our nutritional needs and requirements for success in sport.

Steve Di Tomaso at Envision Fitness​  will provide comprehensive, easy to navigate strength workouts specific to helping you improve your running. You also have access to their ​InBODY Composition Analysis testing​ to help you see the changes & differences right from the start of the program, halfway through and at the end to give you a visual readout of what you are doing with your Nutrition, Training & MINDfulness habits.

*We strongly encourage this part of the program as it will help you to understand your own body & what it’s made of. ​Your weight alone does NOT give a clear indication of good health because it does NOT distinguish how many pounds are fat & how many pounds are lean body mass.​ By regularly monitoring your Body fat, Muscle mass or Muscular development, you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and exercise regime are influencing your body composition. Knowing what is working for you can help you target & reach your wellness goals, appearance and longevity goals.



  • 10 weeks

  • Dates to be determined for 2023

  • Each week you will receive

  • Nutritional tips, recipes, portion recommendations and meal composition ideas

  • Comprehensive Bodyweight easy to navigate strength workouts

  • 10k Faster run workouts and Run/Walk workouts to get you to 10k

  • Closed online Facebook page coaching tips and Q & A opportunities

  • Unlimited access, safe distance conversations about your own training, specific to this group with Coach E during regular shop hours.

  • MINDfulness suggestions & support for making positive CHANGE

  • Pricing: $150

  • InBODY Composition Analysis is $35 or $89 for 3 scans

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