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Sole Breath

A summer program 
Dates to be determined for 2023
(Weather permitting)

SOLE breath in the forest & on the Pier. I am excited to share my unique outdoor Yoga & Meditation practice with you in outdoor spaces. To encourage self reflection, care and your individual journeys through the sacred practice of Yoga & the art of listening to all your senses while practicing in nature.

YOUR TEACHERS: Anahi Rivendeneira & Lorie Muller 200hour Certified Yoga Teachers.

 Lorie has been sharing her Yoga/Asana & Sit/Meditation practice in the forest in the beautifully local Golden Ears Park. Her practice will take you on a short uphill journey through the trails & into a clearing where we SIT in stillness followed by Yoga/Asana & Balance practice then a freedom descend back to the world in which we live.

 Anahi recently completed her certification & has come to offer her unique practice on the pier in Osprey. You might recognized Anahi (pronounced ANA-E) from Stomping Grounds cafe. Her journey through Yoga has allowed her to connect to herself & be comfortable in stillness, very different from the busy & often chaotic life of an entrepreneur & business owner. 

 Anahi & Lorie share similar qualities & a passion for helping others to BE as they are. They're practices are their own and offered in the most authentic & personal way. Both are inspired by this practice because of the space it creates and the mindfulness it encourages bringing a deeper meaning to day to day life off the mat.

 As the creator of SOLE breath Lorie has struggled with putting a price on sessions. Our time is valuable & so is yours. The practice is unique bringing nature, meditation/running/hiking/walking & Yoga postures altogether on a mountain top 20k from home or on the water. KARMA donation to me is way of YOU acknowledging your time and ours, BEing accountable & showing up for yourself on the mat.
The value you see in yourself is a reflection of me & visa versa. That is YOGA.

TO REGISTER please visit the shop SOLE Experience Running Company in Osprey Village sign the waiver and expect an invitation to the SOLE breath in the forest PRIVATE Facebook Page for session information including location each Saturday through the summer months:

June 12 to August 28, 2021
Saturdays at 8:30 am 
(weather permitting)

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